Chief Financial Officer & Controller

We offer a wide variety of on-demand CFO and controller services to all kinds of small to medium sized businesses. Effective controls, timely managerial reports, and accurate budgeting are critical to the management of a successful business. These functions are the primary responsibility of the corporate CFO, Controller, or Managerial Accountant.

Leonardo & CO, PA Specialties Include:

  • Detailed and Timely Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Growth Strategies
  • Financial Analysis
  • Operations Review
  • Cash Flow Planning & Forecasting
  • Comprehensive and Strategic Tax Planning
  • Profit Analysis -Pricing, Margins & Cost Analysis
  • Advisory and Project-Based Services
  • Assistance with Internal Controls, Accounting Policies, and Financial Procedures

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Do I need CFO & Controller Services?

    • Are you having trouble with running day to day financial operations?
    • Does your company need short-term or permanent assistance with day-to-day financial operations?
    • Do you need help in getting your detailed reports in a timely manner?
    • Do you need an experienced professional to bounce new ideas off?
    • Do you need someone who will make suggestions with growth strategies and tax planning in mind?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Leonardo CPA & Co. could be your solution. Fill out our request form for a free initial consultation.

Why Outsource?

Expense: Let’s face it, hiring a full time CFO is without question a very expensive proposition. Salaries can range between $60,000 and $130,000 depending on the region in which the company operates, the size of the company, and the experience of the professional being hired. Health insurance, retirement plans, and payroll taxes are substantial additional costs to consider.

Lack of Qualified Candidates – The credentials and skills necessary to be considered for this type of position are in short supply. These professionals tend to gravitate towards major metropolitan areas, such as Boston and New York, in search of better pay. Even Portland companies struggle to compete. This often places Maine businesses at a significant disadvantage when recruiting talent.


Leonardo & Co, PA provides businesses with CFO, Controllership, and Managerial Accounting Services. Our associates possess the skills necessary to function as a part time CFO or Controller for businesses in most industries.

Businesses throughout Maine successfully delegate the crucial functions of a CFO to Leonardo & Co, PA with the confidence that effective controls will be implemented, and managerial reports will be timely and accurate.

The economic and time efficiencies realized with this approach are exceptional. We have contracted with companies to perform these crucial internal accounting functions for as little as $12,000 per year. In the process, we eliminate the cost of a massive salary & benefits package that comes from hiring a full time CFO.

If your company is interested in learning more about this type of service, fill out our request form, or call Jeffrey Leonardo, CPA directly at (207) 782-9018 ext. 1.