Virtual Chief Financial Officer

Leonardo & Co. has experienced a great deal of success working as onsite CFO for a number of larger companies. We have found that smaller businesses can benefit greatly from the same level of expertise.  However, smaller businesses usually don’t need CFO involvement to happen onsite.  Therefore, we also offer CFO services in a virtual settings.


Cost– Although much less expensive than a full-time CFO, many smaller businesses find that the onsite CFO services offered by Leonardo & Co. are still cost prohibitive.  Through offering a “virtual” option to smaller businesses, we are able to significantly reduce our fees in comparison to an onsite arrangement.

Lack of Qualified Candidates – The credentials and skills necessary to fill the very sensitive position of Chief Financial Officer are in short supply.  As a result, most smaller businesses either settle on meeting with a CPA once a year or simply going without this level of expertise.


Leonardo & Co, PA provides businesses with CFO, Controllership, and Managerial Accounting Services.  Our associates possess the skills necessary to function as a part time CFO or Controller for businesses in most industries.

Businesses throughout Maine are able to successfully delegate the crucial functions of a CFO to Leonardo & Co, PA with the confidence that effective controls will be implemented, and managerial reports will be timely and accurate.

In order to cost-effectively provide CFO services to smaller businesses we offer a “virtual” option.  The travel time involved in providing onsite services makes it necessary for us to spend at least 6 hours onsite per visit.  Many small businesses need a CFO for only a couple of hours per week.  We are able to provide these critical CFO services virtually through the use of online accounting software.

The economic and time efficiencies realized with this approach are exceptional.  We have contracted with small businesses to perform these crucial internal accounting functions for less than $5,000 per year.  This arrangement has proven to be a viable alternative for small companies looking for a few hours a month of CFO services.

If your company is interested in learning more about this type of service, please fill out our request form, or contact Jeffrey Leonardo, CPA directly at (207) 782-9018 ext. 1.